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Deborah Baldassi

A well known Adelaide visual artist and illustrator, having illustrated ABC classics as well as prize winning visual art pieces. She is also a long time musician, classically trained, who has been an active member of the Adelaide music community since the 1980s, first appearing in the iconic Adelaide band, Local Import, where she played whistle and sang. Deborah brings piano accordion and kazoo to a uniquely Apocalyptic Breakdown sound.


Trisha Drioli

Trisha is a local sustainability advocate who has worked on environmental issues long before it was popular to do so. She is also a regular contributor to the local Adelaide music scene, having studied double bass at the Adelaide College of the Arts and is best known for her part in the local Adelaide band The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy, as, Mrs Rowdy.


David Winderlich

David Winderlich is an Adelaide musician with a penchant for rhyme and poetry. He is a multi instrumentalist (primarily among the string family with a preference for banjo and guitar) who more recently, has dabbled in both the culturally diverse (think dulcimer) to the musically absurd (think Jaw harp). David is a one time member of the South Australian parliament who has etched out a career serving the socially and economically disadvantaged among us.


Jeremy  Phillips

Jeremy  is a long time Adelaide musician who first graced the stage in the 1980s with his band, Jack Nasty Face. In the years since, he has mellowed somewhat (playing a little slower) but still sings with passion, conviction and a flair for harmony. While starting his musical career as a flutist, he primarily plays guitar, with a preference for a country lilt rather than the Irish ditties (though traces of the ditties’  remain).

Meet the band: Meet the Team
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