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Our songs are stories, satires or sometimes just silly but they are almost always lyric-driven.  So for a full appreciation of our on.

Our Song Lyrics: Text


A documentary record of our suffering and sacrifice at Arno Bay during the November 2020 Pizza-Gate Lock-Down.

 G                D                       G

City Slickers cruising round on Eyre

             C                                                 G

When lockdown came we said “Oh Shit Where

             C                                             Em

So we pulled into Arno Bay Caravan Park

         D                               G

We’ll hole up  here till its over


We’re staying strong Australia


We are not afraid


Shucking Coffin Bay Oysters

                 C              G

Chasing each piece of shade

Stuck out here like Burke and Wills

The Banjo’s tuned and the wine is chilled

We fall asleep every afternoon

Gazing at the jetty

We’re staying strong Australia

All doing our bit

Shucking Coffin Bay oysters

And gently getting pissed

Wind whistles through the sheoak trees

And whistles  the neck of my beer

There’s a billion too many bushflies here

But its  not my worst crisis

 We’re staying strong Australia

Proud to share the load

Shuckin Coffin Bay oysters

Be sad to hit the road

Cops keep us crims off the beach

So fresh squid dinners out of reach

Lucky we’ve still got last night’s haul

To eat with the last splash of gin

We’re staying strong Australia


Shuckin Coffin Bay oysters

Be sad to hit the road

Our Song Lyrics: Text


The tale of the Ruby Princess
( About March 2020)


For years we watched the news

G                                    D

Poor folks in leaky boat

Turned back by our navy


To scare us and win votes


Along comes the Ruby Princess

G                                   D

An despite doctors unease

G                     D         G    D

Out rolls the red carpet

      A                   A7      D

And in rolls the disease

   D               G                    D

You can see where this is going

            G                      A

Dutton your a goat

G                                       D

You said you would protect us

A                                 A7

But you stopped all the wrong



Ali mows my lawn

He fled the Taliban

Nasrin is an enginer

She builds roads we drive on

They made it through your ring of steel

Now watch bemused and dismayed

As the real threat to Australia

Strolls off cruise ships’ gangway



G                                         D

I’m not saying we don’t help them

G                                       A

We don’t fight fate with hate

G                 D         G

It’s just you nong.. You got things



            A                         A7         

Man up and set things straight

You can see where this is going

Dutton your a goose

You said you would protect us STOP

But you set corona loose

Our Song Lyrics: Text


Social distancing and then the first lock-down were a lot to absorb. (About March 2020)


We can share the same sun


We can share the same breeze


And when it gets cold


We can all freeze


Six feet apart



We can share a shy smile

We can share a loud joke

We can both sing a long

To a bad song we wrote

Six feet apart



I’d like to be

                           D7             G

Close enough to smell your hair


To feel your heartbeat

                D                                D7

To watch you snore while youre asleep

 We can share can share the same hopes

We can share the same fear

We can share the same dreams

Of much better years

Six feet apart

You still have my heart

Six feet apart


Our Song Lyrics: Text


Then they decided to track us all with an App. Well we showed them.


Oh the clever folks in old Canberra


Not content with how police powers have grown

Fm                    G

Have seen fit to use  corona

Fm                    G

To try and pull one over

G            G7 G7             Cm

And get to track us on our phones

They say we’re all in team Australia

 It’s  what we should do if we belong

But all our comings and our goings

Now  Dutton will be know-ing

G       Fm     Cm    G   Cm

What could possibly go wrong

Remember our police raid journos

Remember they spied on East Timorese

They want all our metadata

But refuse to even answer

When we ask to see who pays the referees

When they do dodgy deals with Adani

And store our details with Amazon

Tho it begins with health

 It will surely  grow by stealth

What could possibly go wrong



Civil rights steadily dying


While the Murray Cod are frying

         G                                                   Cm

refugees are sadly sighing in their cells.

While the Barrier Reef is bleaching

Pious pollies keep on preaching

         D                                                 G

And assure us that this app will make all well.

So you say that it makes no difference

Google and Facebook know it all

But if you get to choose

How much privacy you lose

Why should surveillance be the norm

Already they have stolen too much free- dom

The temp-tat-ion of this power is  just too strong

If we trust them to be nice

We will pay a price

What could possibly go wrong?


Whistle and whoops and interjections

What could possibly go wrong?

Sco-mo says that he can keep a secret,

He says he’ll cross his heart and hope to die,

But without a bill of rights

And watch dogs that bite

We wait, we watch and wake in fright

We are all singing freedoms chorus

When we refuse to go a-long……….


(Build in pace)

You can put your sneaky tracker

Right up big brothers clacker

Shove your app sublime

Up where the sun don’t shine

You can stick your hi-tech mossie

Down the buttcrack of your cossie

You can deposit your spyware

Into Dutton’s derriere

Try this experiment

In your fundament

Take this police state push

And lodge it in your tush

You put motives ulterior

In your Department of interior


What could possibly go wrong

We made the groper POTUS

The reign of the Organge Man (drum beat)

Meanwhile out on his porch back at Delaware (twang)

Joe was just biden his time rockin in his chair (twang)

An eagle there alighted in bore a secret scroll

Lady Liberty is blusihin, come back and take control (drum beat)

Joe Biden started ridin (whipcrack)

To save his country’s soul (drum beat)

Chorus with banjo

Sleepy Joe we’re so afraid

Come high noon way out West

The Orange man will take you down

Cos your’re well past your best

Whistle joins

The Orange man was waiting

In the 4 seasons saloon bar (twang)

Licking his fat lips chewing his cigar (twang)

He roared “I’ll snap that sleepy Joe across my dimpled knee@

All you loser liberals know it’s my manifest destiny (drum beat)

Sleepy Joe kept on a ridin (whip)

He passed the hangmans tree (drum)


The Orange Man and Biden

Faced each other on the street (twang)

The air hung hot and heavy

With out a single tweet (whistle)

Said Biden on the count of 3

Whip your six guns out (whip)

The Orange face froze in fear

Turns out he can’t count (drum)

The orange man was bested

But he screamed in psychic pain

Not fair and very sneaky

Lets do that count again

And again (whip and drum)

Again x5

Chorus with banjo

Joe Biden you came ridin

In our hour of need

We will tell our grandkids

As they sit upon our knees

How smoking Slow Joe Biden

Reclaimed our history

Our Song Lyrics: Text


The life of many asylum seekers in Australia

Am                       G

I’m watching you sitting

Am                    Em

Your hair going grey

Am                          G

Your youth like our dreams

Am     G        Am

Is slipping away

Am                     G

The news of our parents

Am                E7

At home is all bad                        G

What have we gained

Am       Em         Am

We’ve lost all we had

F                                      Am

Oh tears can wash away stone

Dm                                   Em

But we are just skin and bone

Am           G

How long Australia


How long

Your brother still lives

So last we heard

My sister tried Germany

So far not word

My best friend drowned

Heading for Greece

Sometimes I wish it was me


I still hear your screams

At night when I try to sleep

I still sweat cold at the sight of police

I still try to smile in front of the kids

I try to be grateful for food from the priest


There’s younger backs

I just can’t compete

I don’t have good English

So I’m easy to cheat

There’s too many ubers out on the street

The landlord is chasing my rent


How long Australians how long

Our Song Lyrics: Text


Treasurer Josh Frydenberg made just a slight error in his preparations for the 2020 Federal Budget. A $60B erorr.

C                                 G

From school at Mt Cropus

           C.                    F

To the corridors of power

C                                  G

Gosh Josh your’re sure flying high

       C.             G

But too close to the sun

        C.                F

Will bring you undone

                        C.                    G

I've  got 60 billion reasons to cry


My rivers of gold

                        .. C

Are now oceans of tears


Gosh Josh I still don't see why

F.                               C

My dreams up in smoke


I'm the butt of the joke

                        G.       C

I've got 60b reasons to cry

I did what was asked

Shelled out the dosh fast

To all of my liberal mates

50 billion for super 29 fossil fuels

And the rest, well Angas just takes


 Brown bags streaming in

Tax perks flooding out

It's really quite hard to keep track

It's only a number it's just 60b

Australia please cut me some slack


Our Song Lyrics: Text


Young women licked their . paint brushes to a point to paint clock faces. Then a terrible cancer consumed their bones. Radium also killed its discoverer Marie Curie

Em Bm Em Bm A

D                                          F£m

Madam Curie Changed the world

G                          A                D

She became the first radium girl

Em Bm Em Bm A

D                             F£m

That first day at the gate

G                       A                    D

You feel just like you won first prize

Bm                      A             G                D

You're a factory girl In the  grown up world

Em                    G                           A7

And Your wage keeps your family warm


G                  D    G                             D

Lip dip and paint Bring the brush to a point

G                  D                            A

Each clock face adds to your pay

Em                             Bm

And each tic of each clock

Em                             Bm

Counts the cells you have lost

Em               Bm                      A

A thousand  more clocks every day

Em   Bm Em Bm A X 2

Radium girls radium girls

 On the line all day a girl's gotta  play

Let’s paint our nails and teeth

But beneath the jokes and laughter

Grow disease, decay and grief

Chorus and turnaround

You can’t raise your arms for the oath

Victory can feel like defeat

When the price you pay for your wage

Is dead bones in your arms and a mouth without teeth


Em Bm D A

Em Bm  A X 2

Em Bm Em Bm A


D                           F£m

Madam Curie died later

G            A                             D

Than the girls from the radium co

Bm                     A          G               D

But she carried glowing tubes in her jacket

Em        A                          D

So the radium took her as well

Em            Bm   Em               Bm

Atomic weight   Decided her fate

Em             A               D

She died a radium girl

Em  Bm  Em Bm A  X 2

Radium girls

Radium girls

                        .. C

Our Song Lyrics: Text


Warning! The following song contains yodelling

Random yodelling intro

C and G with some F

C                               G              C

Each day I make my way to the city

       F                     A7                  Dm

Office towers shiny shoes suit and tie

F                              G

Looks like I'm flying high

C                                    A7

But with each clock tick I die

              D7                            G

For this work don't feed my soul

C                      G              C

5 o'clock I’ve a hint of a smile

    F                  A7             Dm

Cos I know that soon I’ll be home

F                          G

I'll pick up my guitar

C                     A7

And I'll soar on star

         D7                       G

To where my spirit belongs

CHORUS - less yodelling until the last chorus

My cowboy heaeaearart

Can now  fly freeeeeeeee 

Far Far awaayayayayay

From the cityiyiyiyiy 

To where the airairairair

Is fresh and cleeaeaean 

The horizon is my home

Our Song Lyrics: Text

The Rain Falls Down

A song that needs no introduction



One cold night in Adelaide


I found a nice dry spot


It had been a long day

F                  G                       C

So I quickly dropped off and I dreamed

I dreamed that passing mums

Didn’t pull their kids away

I dreamed that snack bar waiters

Poured me tea and let me stay

Yes I dreamed

C            Dm Am G

And the rain fell down

C   Dm                         Am

On huddled shapes in doorways

Dm                      G

Right across the town


And I dreamed

I dreamed a kitchen tables

Dreamed plates of steaming food

I dreamed of smiling faces

I dreamed that life was good

Yes I dreamed




Dawn broke cold and grey


Sleep grit in my eyes


I noticed I had pissed myself  

F                       G            C

That I was still alive and I screamed

I screamed at early buses

I screamed at shuttered shops

I screamed at empty streets

I screamed at cruising cops

Yes I screamed



And the rain fell down

On all the silent screaming

Right across the town


Winters wet in Adelaide

But in the shadows deep

I find a spot that’s dry

Where I can safely drift to sleep

And I dream

And the rain falls down

Our Song Lyrics: Text

MAY THE 8TH  (Change the date)

A modest proposal  for new national day.

We've got to come together

To fight bushfires and flood

To say mate you're a dickhead

But you're still one of us

But January 26 gives lots of folks the shits

If we want to come together 

We just might have to shift


To May the 8th Maaate

Change the date

It doesn't stand for anything

No need to get irate

To May the 8th Maaate

Change the date

There's nothing here to protest

So let's all celebrate

You might be First Nations

You might be CFS

But there's nothing here

You could dislike

So everyone vote Yes

If we want a great big party

Where all participate

We need a day that doesn't need 

A great big mass debate

Change the date Maate

To May the 8

It doesn't stand for anything

No need to get irate

Change the date

To May the 8th Maaate

There's nothing here to protest

So let's all celebrate

May the 8th



Our Song Lyrics: Text
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